A brief reminder to be kind to yourself

Thanks so much.

— Of course, I’m always here to listen. Let me know if you need anything!

For sure. You’re the best. Thank you ❤

Dear me,

That was kind of you. You heard them out, took time to understand their nuanced emotions, and left them with words that…

How to clear that distortion and hear ourselves again

Everything ok there?

Yes. You just didn’t sound like yourself.

Ohh…no no…it’s…*laughter*

Ididn’t say anything in that call with my manager. I just moved on and distracted her with project deadline. I distracted myself.

It’s why writing this is hard.

It’s the first time I’m coming in terms with what…

Unraveling the stories of those inches away from us

Finally. Somewhere to sit.

There was a man in the window seat.

He looked to be in his 40s. He wore a simple shirt, sleeves rolled back, black hair — seemed like a nice guy.

I could see him being an artist or something.

I turned to him.

Hi do…

It’s not an attack — it’s a call for all of us to reflect

In times like this, politicians, celebrities, and artists must speak with intention and grace when using their words. They have platforms with a large reach and their words— whether in a speech or song — can move people, for better or worse.

Recently, renowned artist J. Cole released a track…

It’s not just about justice. It’s about changing the system.

It’s only been a bit over a week since the tragedy of George Floyd.

Feels a lot longer, doesn’t it?

It’s because a lot’s already happened.

Petitions are being signed, social media’s flooded with powerful images, and city streets are filled with passionate voices calling for reform.

After only a…

Finding your voice in a world of noise

There’s a lot going on right now. But you already know that.

Let me ask you something and I want you to be honest:

How are you doing?

It’s not an easy question to answer. Hell, even I’m having trouble coming up with a clear answer.

In times like these…

What companies should know about Gen Z — from someone who’s part of Gen Z

Working remotely sounds great. And why wouldn’t it? It offers flexibility, the ability to multitask, and saves time.

In light of the pandemic, remote work has grown exponentially in the past few months, possibly eclipsing the presence of on-site work altogether in the coming future.

While Millennials are the primary…

The best interviews are the ones that don’t feel like one

In this new age of Zoom calls and video interviews, it’s hard to feel connected with your interviewer and have a memorable presence.

While the modes of communication are different, the foundation of an interview is the same. …

Sarthak Panda

50% optimistic, 30% curious, 20% meditative | YouTube@pandainpursuit

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